November 23, 2017

The gargoyle of Central Oregon and Gatekeeper of Smith Rock, Monkey Face proudly stands hundreds of feet unassisted from the surrounding cliffs. His rocky features are unmistakably a handsome ape, and this primal familiarity gives us a fondness not typically associated with rocks. We see a link in our specie’s chain, a glimpse into our past. It is only natural that we return here to evolve ourselves and push our own boundaries. Carefully walking into the void on a thin piece of polyester or taking a huge leap of faith onto nylon rope, we are inspired by the Monkey’s independence and in awe of his strength.

On this particular evening I wandered back and forth on the Long Monkey Line, praising the exposure and worshiping the view. Back on solid ground, I thanked the Monkey for playing his part and he reciprocated the gratitude with a wink of his rocky eye. See you soon Mr. Monkey, we shall all return.

Nick Braun captured the breathtaking exposure and the beautiful light of the setting sun in this amazing image.

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