October 19, 2017

After our demanding week building the tandem features for the first Tommy Ellingson Invite, the thought of having only one jump built just seemed a little lame. So, Tommy led a crew of the world’s best to build another pair of tandem jumps. This time, I showed up just in time to throw a couple shovelfuls of snow, step out the run-in, salt the whole thang and blast!

Tommy and I favor the jump (as usual) while Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon and Paul Bergeron were breaking trail in the world of tricks on the hip jump. Paul Bergeron (AKA BPaul) blew everyone’s minds and got the session started off right with a left dub cork 11 blunt, with so much style and confidence that the ground shook and snow melted as he stomped. He then sat down and accepted his new role as doobie roller for the crew. (”I got my shot and now I am very happy”) Henrik was doing what he calls a lazyboy, laying on his tails and handdragging the lip at takeoff. He ended up getting his first lazyboy dub flatspin ever, first try, bolts. Phil Casabon showed how good he really is, by going to both ends of the steeze scale. First he was doing slow, lofty switch 270’s. Then a switch 5 truckdriver, then a switch 9 truck, which lead him to do the sickest switch dub 990 high safety the world has ever seen.

But fear not, the Homegrown crew wasn’t gonna let the B&E show be the only ones havin a blast. Tommy and Josh were blasting perfectly timed tandem hits, Ryan Stephens is still the only snowboarder who can hit our poppy ski jumps, and I was hyped to hear some Edollo screams as I laced some cork7 Blunts and a wild dub loop off the step-down.

The B&E had gotten their tricks and headed down the hill. I was done skiing. It was getting dark and stormy. ┬áTommy could not stop skiing. The 32 year old man is the youngest by measure of steam. He got the bright idea to transfer from the step-down, all the way over the hip and onto the hip’s landing, probably only 60 feet in distance, but just after takeoff you are about 35 feet in the air. My stomach muscles got kinda pulled on my wild dub, but Tommy’s excitement for his new air got my skis back on and I flew the gap a few times before heading home. In the car, I kept closing my eyes and imagining that I was jumping all the way back to Bend.

Ari is a professional athlete, author and filmmaker living in Bend Oregon. He and his wife organize adventure travel trips around the globe.

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