November 23, 2017

Every activity I do is just another manifestation of the same urge to be free. It is the unifying similarity that ties together so many of the things that drive me. Skiing unlocks endless potential to freely choose my lines. Highlining provides spaces and challenges that free my mind. Free flight is in every way, freedom.

All these activities are inherently dangerous, sometimes fatally so, yet this is the main source of the freedom that they bring. Not just choosing what path to take or what trick to do, but actually expressing your freedom in the way you want to live. To depend only on your skills and decisions, not the oversight of someone else, and certainly not a rating given by a pseudo government agency. We are all responsible for our own decisions and actions, but sometimes we wish it weren’t so. All too often people’s fear for one another, begins to tread on their freedom to make their own, even bad, decisions. It looks like regulations and it exclusion. Too often fear is projected as inability and advice comes with heavy doses of doom.


But now I’m not even sure what I’m writing about.

Ari is a professional athlete, author and filmmaker living in Bend Oregon. He and his wife organize adventure travel trips around the globe.

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