November 23, 2017

As some of you may know, I have recently joined forces with an amazing clothing company based here in the PNW. They have been making high-quality apparel since 1993 and their gear is seriously awesome. They call themselves KAVU. Klear Above, Visibility Unlimited. Pilot talk for ‘perfect day up here’. Its synonymous with your dream day doing what you love. Its about getting out and living your life to the fullest, turning dreams into reality. I have never been so fortunate to have a sponsor who’s values I can be so proud of. I have always lived my life the KAVU way, and now its official.

KAVU is endorsed by some of the most incredible athletes on the planet. From Tyler Bradt, world record holder for the highest waterfall drop in a kayak, to Jeff Shapiro, one of the world’s most experienced hang gliders and wingsuit pilots. Then there is the GoPro Bomb Squad. Marshal Miller, Neil Amonson and Jesse Hall are three BASE jumping friends who constantly push their sport to new levels. This is an incredible group of people to be a part of and I’m grateful and excited to see what’s to come.

Ari is a professional athlete, author and filmmaker living in Bend Oregon. He and his wife organize adventure travel trips around the globe.

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