October 19, 2017

Our earth’s never-ending dubcork rotation gives us the beauty of seasons. It’s a blessing and a curse. As hard as we want to engage our favorite activities year-round, it is damn-near impossible. This challenge forces us to open our minds to the possibilities in other realms. I used to say that I hated summer, that all I wanted to do was ski. Its not necessarily untrue, but now I am highlining while I want to ski, which is more bearable than blatant moping. This post is a reminiscent throwback to fresh snow and early mornings, high speed and huge air. It will soon enough be winter once again. But instead of patiently waiting, I will be enjoying my time in the sun, calmly walking across wobbly ropes in space. See you out there. Tyler Roemer Photo. (www.tylerroemer.com)

Ari is a professional athlete, author and filmmaker living in Bend Oregon. He and his wife organize adventure travel trips around the globe.

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