November 23, 2017

The summer heat melts the snow so fast that the rivers rage and the flowers explode. Sticky sweat and sweltering heat tries to put a dampener on fun, so we make staying cool a top priority. I took almost a thousand feet of webbing thirty miles into the mountains, paddled it over a mile on a SUP board, then spent hours rigging, all for just a few minutes on the line. The thunderstorms couldn’t stop us and neither did the rain. Wet, heavy, floppy lines make for an interesting challenge. Californian kayakers ask stupid questions and wonder if I will fall on them if they paddle underneath me. “You walk on that thing?” “Yep. Free to try, five dollars to watch.” No payers yet. Great photos and camping vibes from Jonathon Chandler. Stay cool.

Ari is a professional athlete, author and filmmaker living in Bend Oregon. He and his wife organize adventure travel trips around the globe.

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