In 2016 Chris Hoyte and I went to France to fly in the Alps. We rented a van, took the back seats out so we could sleep in it, bought some stinky cheese and baguettes and we started the greatest roadtrip of our lives. We went to Chamonix, Annecy, St. Hilaire, Plaine Jous and Plataue de Agy. The flying was incredible. The development of the flying sites, with their massive launches and grassy landings, tandems flying non-stop and pilots specked out everywhere, was an immediate indicator that we had arrived in a real Mecca. We trained acro, met amazing pilots and I got higher than I’d ever been, even on a 20m acro wing. The views of the Alps from the air are something that I’ll never forget. The cheese, the beer, the architecture, the bakeries, the tiny villages, the beautiful mountains; France is a place like no other. I’m so stoked to be going back. You should be too.

This trip is going to start by taking advantage of the incredible instruction available in Annecy. You’ll be able to pick the number of days that you want to take SIV instruction, its about $200/day and its totally worth it. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll start flying XC or Acro in the Alps. We’ll visit a number of different sites and you’re gonna get a ton of airtime. We’ll have a rental van and a sweet Airbnb to stay at. We’re gonna eat great food, have memorable flights and increase our skills.

Can’t go for the entire 2 weeks? Want your own rental car and upgraded lodging? Need instruction? Don’t worry! I can accommodate, adjust the pricing and set up the perfect trip for you.

Pricing – $Coming Soon$

Includes – Airfare, transportation(excludes gas), lodging, itinerary and bookings!

Excludes – Food, Gas, SIV Instruction, big retrieves, tolls and miscellanious costs.