In 2015, my friend Chris Hoyte and I traveled to Morocco to paraglide and adventure. The trip was somewhat impromtu, so we did limited research on where we should fly and we let that be the guiding information on where we should go. We planned a two week tour, rented a car and let’r rip. What ensued was an eye-opening adventure that transformed the way that I traveled. We paraglided a ton, ate some incredible food and met unforgettable characters. I created my first travel film from the trip and I feel like it cut my teeth for real adventure travel. In 2018, we’re going back to fly higher, go deeper into the culture and see the things that we missed. You should come with us. This is what it’s gonna look like.

  • 14 days total – 8 flying days at 4 different sites
  • Diverse conditions – coastal soaring to mountain thermaling
  • Flying for nearly all levels of pilots
  • Central and southern Morocco
  • Road tripping between sites
  • 8 travelers and 2 guides max group size

14 day trip package! A turn-key solution! Custom itinerary and personal concierge and bookings included! Airfare, rental car, accommodations, some breakfasts and some dinners, plus traveler’s insurance that covers paragliding: Only $5,000 $4,200! Whether you want to max out your time in the air, or have a few great flights within an epic cultural tour of the country, I can set you up for a unforgettable trip.

Can’t go for the entire 2 weeks? Want your own rental car and upgraded lodging? Need instruction? Don’t worry! I can accommodate, adjust the pricing and set up the perfect trip for you.


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