After traveling to France in 2016, Chris and I went to Organya Spain, in hopes of flying some huge air and training acro. We got skunked. We were there in late April and it rained 4 days straight. In 2018, we’re going back in late may, when the spring air gets consistent and goes huge.

Organya is the premiere spot of the entire world to train acro. They call it the Magic Mountain and it truly is. A valley wind pushes a steady breeze, and with it, thermals, through a huge granite valley. The valley then bottle-necks and the wind and thermals run right into a 3000′ tall mountain. The air has nowhere to go but up! And so do the paragliders. The area is incredible scenic; set in dense mountains of rustic Catalonia, it feels like another world. In the spring and summer, the site is flocked by the best acro pilots on the planet, making it a perfect place to learn.

There are also great XC options from the same launch, and other sites nearby. The food is world class, the lodging is quaint and the flying does not get any better anywhere on earth. You don’t want to miss your chance to go to Organya.