Hi! I’m Ari

I’m an action sports pro, podcaster and filmmaker. Foolish as it is, I’m trying to change the world by mindfully growing up and I’m encouraging others to do the same. It seems to be working.

This site is where my content lives and a like-minded community grows. Glad you’re here. Cruise around, sign up for the mailing list, and if you’re so inclined, throw a coin in my hat through the donation links.

Love, Ari

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This podcast is my deepest musings about humanity’s future, human potential and my own life. Interviews with philosophers and innovators about the next iteration of human civilization, as well as interviews with world class extreme sports athletes about the higher perspectives they bring back from their sports. Available on all podcast platforms.

Youtube Channel

My youtube channel is kinda paraglide-centric, but also features philosophy and radical honesty as I bring technical lessons about flying as well as a deep inquiry about the emotional, philosophical and spiritual side of this amazing sport.

Gallery of Inspiration

For years I have worked closely with photographic artists to bring awe and inspiration to you through visuals. Here are some of those creations.

Latest from the Blog

More radical honesty, deep inquiry and hard-won insights from my life, my sports and the amazing people in my life.

Adventure Films

A collection of my Adventure Films from around the globe. These have a unique ethos that transcends the sports they feature and highlight a higher level of connection and culture that I’ve been blessed to behold.

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