Make Radical Positive Change

There’s a reason therapy doesn’t work for men.

Therapy is not enough. Men are not satisfied to merely sit and cry about our lives. We want to identify problems, set goals and learn skills so that we can live with more energy, more mastery, and more love. We want a road towards better. The therapy of today provides little of this.

Men today need more relational skills, better communication skills and a whole lot more courage.

Are you a man who wants more out of life? Do you know you have more to offer the world and others? Could your life be better if you could speak up for yourself more clearly, handle yourself and your emotions more masterfully? 

Are you ready to make radical positive change in your life?

If this is you, you don’t need a therapist. You need a spiritual hype man. You need a brother in virtue.

You need a philosophical coach. 


My name is Ari, and as a kid I had enormous courage in the physical realm. Flips on skis, jumping cliffs into water, anything spectacular to get attention. I kept pushing this path and it lead me to sponsorships and a full time life of sport. Balancing across thin pieces of rope high in the sky, jumping off cliffs with a parachute on my back, and flying hundreds of miles in a paraglider. 

But all along the way, my relationships were falling apart, I was hurting people through my defensiveness, and I was chronically reactive. From the outside, I looked like a super hero. On the inside, I was insecure, unskilled and constantly on guard. 

I found some insightful info on the internet that helped me understand my childhood. I got a little understanding. I then took this understanding and weaponized it, I was angry and I flailed it around and ruined my marriage. Thrashing, I cut off communication with my father, then my brother. I knew I wanted more and I needed to change but I had no idea how, I had no mentors, I had no coach. But what I had was courage, and I used it to realize that all the shit I was mad about had one common denominator: ME. 

Over the last decade, I have mustered the courage, bit by bit, to look at myself and my life and find things that need to be healed, skills I need to learn and practices that needed to be in place. Through a messy bumblefuck of a journey, I radically changed my life, vastly for the positive. It took a long time, and I didn’t always know it was working. 

Now, I spend my time encouraging other men to dig into their own lives to make radical positive change. I guide them so they don’t have to flail and thrash like I did. It is worth my time and my clients experience profound differences, even with the first call.

I call it ‘encouragement’: the reciprocal relationship of effecting courage in each other.

As your coach, and as a member of a larger brotherhood, we can leap off the cliff together and bring courage into each other’s lives.

This isn’t “Life Coaching” with some supplement-pumped jock who shames you into that “Rise and Grind” bullshit.

You don’t need a doctor or a therapist!

This is not a fucking medical issue.
It is cultural, tribal, and technical.

You need tools, accountability and community!

You need mastery, wisdom and virtue.

You need a coach who listens to you, who endeavors to understand you, who can show you what to learn, who will be a teammate in this high stakes, life-or-death game we call life.

So if you are a man who wants to:

Communicate way better

Be more productive

Radically improve your relational skills

Get clarity on your purpose

Earn your own respect

Increase your capacity for empathy

Deepen your connections

Then you need to call me. I want to help you.
For this month only, I want to take down all the barriers for you.
So, use this link to book an absolutely free 30 minute call.
We will dig into what is going on in your life and I will gift you some reflection and resource. I don’t want to sell to you, I want to give to you.

Philosophical Coaching is 1-on-1 life coaching, offered in 3-month packages. The packages are custom tailored to each individual client. 2 sessions a month, plus unlimited email support. The sessions take as long as they take. Expect reading/writing homework and practices. You’ll get out what you put it, so bring it. 

$699/month or $1999 upfront.

$549/month or $1499 upfront.


A truly remarkable conversationalist and guide, Ari helps people find their inner strength, construct a coherent philosophy of life, and overcome challenges they never thought possible.



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