Philosophical Coaching

It’s like having a deep listening, curious partner in philosophy who is wise enough to ask the right questions and humble enough to point you in the direction of wisdom from around the world. 

Philosophical coaching is rooted in inquiry.
 This starts with an admitted unknowing
and leads towards clarity.

The more I’ve lived, the more I’ve realized that I don’t know exactly how to live my life. With the support of philosophical mentors, I’ve gotten more comfortable with that fact, and it has freed me to explore how to live my life, what is important to me, and who I really am. My intuition is that most of us don’t know how to live our lives, and having philosophical mentorship is a great way to start asking the questions that free us to be our whole, actualized selves.

Who is best suited for working with Me?

The people who I work best with are smart and courageous. They’re smart enough to withstand the rigor of asking deep questions about their thinking and their lives. (This isn’t therapy – it’s more intellectually challenging than that.) They’re also courageous enough to look at themselves unflinchingly, and to face what they see. This isn’t “Life Coaching” with some supplement-pumped jock who shames you into that “Rise and Grind” bullshit. 


We can start with an free intro call, to test the water and see if the fit is right. In this call, we can start inquiring about whatever you’re dealing with, and work towards clarifying and addressing the issue. We can call this session a Philosophical Tune Up.

Individual Coaching is offered and recommended as a 4 month package. 

  • Work towards clarity in your life – Could be personal, professional, relational or otherwise in nature
  • 2 one-on-one video chat sessions (or in person here in Bend Oregon), 90min each, per month
  • unlimited email support between sessions

Investment is $1,999 or $549/month

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