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What’s up everybody! Ari in the Air here. Stoked you’re here! Today, I wanna gift you a tool to use before you fly. It is designed to help you assess your own readiness and state of being before you take risks in action sports. It is meant to help you manage your risk through self-awareness. By using this lens, I hope to show you how paragliding is integrally tied to your life, your body and your emotions. You’re an emotional player, in an emotional game! This is a checklist for the live players out there.

We all know that there are ways to fly better, or to stay safe. Good conditions, current skills, rested and ready pilot. Most of us know that our emotional state affects our flying performance, but we don’t have any way to affect that state ourselves. Inherently we know that the conditions of our lives affect our emotions, but we don’t connect our lives to our flying. This tool helps you do that – connect your paragliding to every aspect of your life. 

Avoid accidents, injury and death in flying
Feel belonging in the community
Become a positive contributor
to those around you

Love your life more

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As a day job, I consult men on their relationships. I’m a communications expert and most of the work centers around giving them the exact tools and scripts to quickly get their lives back into excitement and joy, while introducing the frameworks that provide the long term shifts that keep them off the rocks with their women, and in the fast lane of their lives. It’s not for all men, but I’m so grateful for the powerful guys that I get to dive deep with every week. Most of them are successful business owners, fathers, husbands and leaders. They have plenty of big things going on in their lives, that they don’t want to get hurt or burn out flying, so they get my guidance in all things flying and life. It’s awesome. I’ll link my coaching page here.

Paragliding Safety and Performance! An online paragliding course

If you’re feeling unconfident in the air and struggling to see a safe and sustainable path to BIG progression in your flying

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Pilot Baseline was made for you. 

Inside our flagship pilot course, you’ll find world-class pilots and psychologists, teaching ground-breaking techniques that help you avoid the biggest pitfalls that keep aspiring pilots from progressing and feeling satisfied with their flying.

Go from unconfident, frustrated and dangerous, to feeling satisfied, confident and enjoying your flying to the max.

Self-knowledge and emotional management
Advanced weather forecasting
Flying endurance training
Decision making tool
Much more

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